Research Guidance

Comprehensive consulting services for BE, ME, MCA Projects and PhD Thesis/Dissertation

Guidance is a group of professionals who are engaged in delivering end-to-end research consultation services.

We offer 360 degrees consultation on doctorate research:

All-round support on academic research: Ranging from research design and methodology setup
assistance to data collection and analysis help, we provide consultation at every step of your
research project. We offer custom support to clients and hold one-on-one discussions with them
after gaining an understanding of their project requirements. Whether you need help
with literature review or editing, you may approach us for part or full consultation on all kinds of

Vast topic coverage, expertise in getting research completed:

Whether the research candidates ask for help on proposal or thesis development, our consultants
can help them with all issues. They have guided and helped many students with their field
projects, paper publishing, and thesis defense.

We can handle complex topics, data analysis using Views:

Our team includes trained editors, writers, research specialists, reviewers and statisticians. They
also hold the experience of working with reputed journal publication houses. Thus, they are able
to assist students from all academic areas, including engineering, science, social sciences,
management, life sciences, accounting, etc.

Help with quantitative and qualitative studies:

We consider your research strategy and philosophy in order to suggest the right methodology to
follow. Whether it is a stock market or experimental research, we help you with all. You may
also expect us to provide complete consultation on your research data analysis.

How we started our services Since 1995, there has been a spurt in the number of MCA/ME/PhD
candidates in India. The academic institutions offering research degrees have also taken a surge.
Due to this situation, there have been many students who are not well prepared to handle the
challenges of doctorate research. This has happened because they do not have the right
knowledge about research process, proper academic language, analytical techniques, and
documentation methods. Keeping this in mind, we formed a mentors’ unit to help students
complete their thesis in time and to guide them on several involved issues.

While our goal is to help research candidates, please note that we do not offer ready-made
solutions for direct use. We also do not provide any plagiarized content. In fact, we guide
candidates who wish to learn out of the process and work independently after being guided by
our consultants.

We offer cost-effective services and hold the required discussions with you in order to offer the
fair pricing that we do. If you require any kind of assistance on your project, then send a message
with your subject of research, query/issue, and deadline at

Our service is meant to assist PhD candidates in understanding various nuances of research
through consultation and guidance.

We are purely a consulting firm working ethically to assist research scholars during different
stages of PhD.

We do not offer ready to submit thesis and any such request is not replied to.